For the last 18 years I have spent my time as a mother of two boys and a financial planner specializing in divorce.  

As a single mom trying to get it all done and maintain my sanity, I have often turned to my creative passions of painting, art and interior design to nourish my soul.

In addition to my love of all things beautiful, I have a love for decadent desserts.  I have traveled embarrassingly long distances in pursuit of the perfect carrot cake, cannoli, chocolate truffles and cookie.

A divine intuition came over me one morning that I was going to make the most delicious cookies in the world.  This odd but intense pull was out of left field and I dismissed it at first but it would not go away.  I could see, smell, taste and touch these cookies and so I decided to see if I could get this vision out of my head and onto my plate.

My dream cookie was big but not flat, light and crunchy on the outside yet rich and gooey on the inside, filled with intense & luscious flavors. I went to the store and loaded my cart with the finest ingredients to begin this journey of creating my  vision into a reality. 

Having done very little baking before this I had no idea that the feeling I would get from baking was almost identical to the peace I felt painting and I was hooked immediately on creating new cookies!

D’vine Cookies is the culmination of my love of art and all things sweet.